List of GWOG! Episodes

Season One

  • Episode One: Pilot
  • Episode Two: Gwog Plays GTA IV
  • Episode Three: Gwog vs. Shaniqua The Banana
  • Episode Four: Gwog Meets Fuji
  • Episode Five: Gwog vs. Wild
  • Episode Six: Super-Gwog
  • Episode Seven: Gwog vs. The Camera
  • Episode Eight: Gwog in Community Service
  • Episode Nine:Gwog On The News
  • Episode Ten: Happy Birthday, Gwog!
  • Episode Eleven: Gwog Gets A Job
  • Episode Twelve:Gwog Dance Party!
  • Episode Thirteen: Super-Gwog and The Revenge of Anti-Fuji!
  • Episode Fourteen: Gwog's Sleepover
  • Season Finale: Gwog On Vacation
  • Film: Gwog and Fuji's BIG Movie

Season Two will air in Late 2010